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  1. Want Free Drinks? Just Order Them.

    February 24, 2012 by Danielle

    Cheers to complimentary cocktails!

    Every few days, I get an email from UrbanDaddy gently reminding me to do, eat, or drink something more fabulous than I am currently doing, eating or drinking.

    UrbanDaddy is one of those “members only” email clubs that anyone can invite you to like Lot18 or GiltGroupe. Except, UrbanDaddy is way cooler and sexier.

    It was thanks to UD that I learned Mexican haunt Fonda (of Park Slope fame) was opening a Manhattan location in the East Village this past Tuesday. My friends and I quickly made plans to meet there on Wednesday, which coincidentally was National Margarita Day!

    The restaurant was far from full, but had a decent crowd for its 2nd night in business. The manager, Ciro, stopped by our table twice and the waitress, Rita, stopped by a record 29 times. It was excessive, and at times intrusive, but she was well-intentioned. (Reminder tip: always learn people’s names -  it gets you better service.)

    The food was excellent (shout out to Chef Roberto Santibañez) and reasonably priced with entrees around $18. The guacamole is a must ($10 bowl serves two). I highly recommend the pan seared sea bass over guajillo passion fruit sauce, potatoes, asparagus, roasted red peppers and red onion. Mmmm…but I digress.

    Pescado al guajillo (click to enlarge)

    My friends and I were enjoying our $8 sangrias (they are $5 if you purchase them at the bar, which was so close to our table I nearly rested my purse on it), when Rita approached us for the 23rd time in two hours to see “if we needed anything.”

    Seizing the opportunity, I replied politely and insistently, “As a matter of fact, we would love a round of complimentary drinks.”

    The key to getting what you want in the service industry is being assertive and polite. So after I made my request, I just smiled silently, maintaining eye contact and only adding, “We’ve been here a while,” implying it was time for a buy back.

    A second later, Rita just nodded, scampered off and promptly returned with a round of complimentary drinks.

    So there you have it, readers. If you want free drinks – just order them that way. Empowered customers always get what they want.